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Scratchbox - August 22, 2017
Issued: 07:47hrs Tuesday 22th August 2017

Simon: A cloudy morning for many with some patchy drizzle, but sunny spells will be developing in much of England and Wales. Rain NW Scotland and west Ireland spreads east. A few heavy showers forming over hills of northern England, Wales and southwest Scotland as well as Northern Ireland.

Issued: 13:53hrs Monday 21th August 2017

Simon: Temperatures are warming from the south this afternoon, with some drizzle in the west.

Issued: 07:23hrs Monday 21th August 2017

Simon: The start of the new week sees rain in western areas heading north. Plenty of cloud for many with the best sunshine in the east. Warmer air wafting into the south and heading north too.

Issued: 13:17hrs Sunday 20th August 2017

John: an area of heavy rain now across Ireland will track south east into Wales, The Midlands into southern and south east England this evening.

Issued: 07:40hrs Sunday 20th August 2017

John: a chilly but mainly dry start to the day with lots of sunshine. Some showers now across Cornwall.

Issued: 08:26hrs Saturday 19th August 2017

John: Scotland, northern England and Wales will have showers, these heaviest across Scotland. A much drier day in the south with sunny spells.

Issued: 16:22hrs Friday 18th August 2017

Garry: Local downpours with thunder, moving west to east into the evening; persistent rain for some, but also lots of sunshine.

Issued: 10:59hrs Friday 18th August 2017

Garry: Showers becoming increasingly widespread, some heavy bursts with hail, thunder and gusty winds. Feeling cool.

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