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Seasonal outlook - July 04, 2017
Warm overall
Drier than average

Issued: Tuesday 4th July 2017
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Garry Nicholson

August probably starts fair across northern areas as high pressure will be close by. Further south it may be more unsettled with thundery showers.
Hints are that it stays rather showery in southern areas into mid-month with the north being drier.
Towards the end of the month pressure builds west and south, falling to the north. The drier weather is then through Ireland, Wales and southern England, although with lower pressure north of Scotland there will be showers here.

Early hints are that pressure stays high to the north and west of the UK and Ireland.
This brings a month predominated by a more east to northeast flow.
That leads to western and northern areas of Ireland and Scotland being drier than average.
Eastern areas are likely to have closer to average rainfall with the east winds bringing close to, or just above average temperatures. Warmer to the west.

Simon Keeling
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