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Scratchbox - October 26, 2020
Issued: 17:48hrs Monday 26th October 2020

Simon: Showers fading this evening and overnight for most. Rain into Ireland and southwest England during the early hours.

Issued: 13:55hrs Monday 26th October 2020

Simon: Breezy with sunshine and showers this afternoon is much of the UK. Thicker cloud in Scotland bringing further showers here.

Issued: 06:54hrs Monday 26th October 2020

Simon: A and of heavy showers crosses west to east through Wales and England this morning, sunny spells ahead and behind. More persistent showers in Western Scotland wit further showers in western and Northern Ireland. Breezy for many.

Issued: 16:24hrs Sunday 25th October 2020

Claire: A rather wet and windy night ahead for those of you in western parts of the UK and Ireland with frequent showers and outbreaks of rain here. Tending drier over central and eastern areas with some clear spells developing here too.

Issued: 12:01hrs Sunday 25th October 2020

Claire: It's been a very windy start to the day for southern and western parts of the British Isles. Peak gusts recorded so far include: 58mph at Aberdaron, 57mph at The Mumbles, 53mph at Mace Head and 50mph at St Bees Head.

Issued: 07:57hrs Sunday 25th October 2020

Claire: Showers and sunny spells for most today. Showers heaviest in the west where they may merge to give longer spells of rain. Fewer showers to the east. Breezy with coastal gales to the northwest.

Issued: 16:28hrs Saturday 24th October 2020

Alexi: Rain will continue across much of England and Wales through a large part of the night before clearing eastwards. Showers will continue across northern and western areas with clear spells too.

Issued: 12:09hrs Saturday 24th October 2020

Alexi: Sunny spells but also heavy and blustery showers now affecting northern and western areas as the front and band of rain slides south-eastwards. Rain will continue to be heavy and persistent across Wales this afternoon.

Issued: 07:53hrs Saturday 24th October 2020

Alexi: Windy out there this morning. We have already had gusts in excess of 50mph quite widely in the north and west. These gusts will shift their emphasis to be stronger across the south and east later on this morning while gusts across northern areas will ease.

Issued: 17:08hrs Friday 23th October 2020

Alexi: A largely dry evening and overnight for many although cloud will thicken from the west with rain pushing into western areas through the night. Winds will also strengthen.

Issued: 12:33hrs Friday 23th October 2020

Alexi: Rain continuing to push eastwards this afternoon although there are sunny spells developing behind with drier conditions but showers affecting the north and across western areas.

Issued: 08:16hrs Friday 23th October 2020

Alexi: A wet start for many northern and western areas today. Drier further east, for now. Rain will spread eastwards through the morning although the rain will be patchy across central and southern England.

Issued: 17:01hrs Thursday 22th October 2020

Claire: Low pressure arrives from the west tonight bringing rain & strong winds into Ireland & northwestern parts of the UK. Gusts up to 50mph are forecast for parts of the Outer Hebrides while gusts up to 40mph are forecast for far western parts of Scotland and across W Ireland.

Issued: 12:00hrs Thursday 22th October 2020

Claire: Lots of cloud around over Scotland & NW England. Cloud will start to build across Ireland & N Ireland this afternoon as low pressure arrives from the west. The best of the sun will be over central & SE parts of England & Wales.

Issued: 08:19hrs Thursday 22th October 2020

Claire: A drier day with good spells of sunshine for many. Rain over eastern and northern parts of Scotland, northern England and parts of Northern Ireland will slowly ease through the day.