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Scratchbox - July 20, 2019
Issued: 13:15hrs Saturday 20th July 2019

Claire: Heavy, thundery showers mainly affecting eastern parts of the UK this afternoon. Brightening from the west through the afternoon.

Issued: 08:06hrs Saturday 20th July 2019

Claire: The area of low pressure that brought much of yesterday's rain is still affecting northern parts of England & Scotland this morning. Some heavier showers starting to get going now in parts of the southeast. We could hear the odd rumble of thunder here through this morning.

Issued: 17:04hrs Friday 19th July 2019

Claire: Thunderstorms over central Ireland are producing lightning strikes & very heavy rainfall. A few lightning strikes also being detected in the West Midlands and southwest of England.

Issued: 12:13hrs Friday 19th July 2019

Claire: The heaviest rain currently located over eastern parts of England. This spreading further north through this afternoon. Showers, some heavy, affecting most other areas. The best of the brightness continues to be over the far north of Scotland.

Issued: 08:02hrs Friday 19th July 2019

Claire: Low pressure certainly making its presence felt with some heavy outbreaks of rain over S Ireland, Wales & SW England this morning. This rain will work its way northeastward through the day reaching most areas by this evening.

Issued: 12:31hrs Thursday 18th July 2019

Claire: Heavy showers edging ever eastward across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Light rain lingering for southeastern parts of England. Elsewhere it's mostly dry and fine. Continuing this way into the evening.

Issued: 08:16hrs Thursday 18th July 2019

Claire: Some parts of S & SE parts of England are seeing their first rain for a while this morning. Heavy showers & outbreaks of rain for Scotland & Northern Ireland this morning. Mostly fair & bright elsewhere.

Issued: 17:46hrs Wednesday 17th July 2019

Simon: The front is fragmenting as it passes east through the UK this evening.

Issued: 15:10hrs Wednesday 17th July 2019

Simon: Rain in western areas of the UK now, edging eastwards.

Issued: 07:32hrs Wednesday 17th July 2019

Simon: Wet this morning in Ireland and western Scotland. The rain edges east to be over most of Scotland, northwest England, Wales and southwest England this evening.

Issued: 07:27hrs Tuesday 16th July 2019

Simon: A scattering of showers this afternoon, but on the whole it should be a fair day again.