Scratchbox - April 15, 2024
Issued: 07:39hrs Monday 15th April 2024

Simon: Cold temperatures are back with us today. Combined with strong west to northwest winds and some heavy showers as rain clears east, it really is going to be a chilly one!

Issued: 17:28hrs Sunday 14th April 2024

Garry: A belt of rain sweeps southeastwards tonight. Showery conditions follow into Monday, feeling rather chilly in strong west- northwesterly winds. Risk of hail and thunder locally.

Issued: 09:09hrs Sunday 14th April 2024

Garry: A cooler feeling day, but bright and dry for many across central, south and eastern Britain all day. Increasingly showery for Scotland and Ireland, merging into longer spells of rain in the west. Showers moving into northern England and Wales. Highs 10 to 14C.

Issued: 06:47hrs Saturday 13th April 2024

Filotas: A rather cloudy day for most on Saturday with outbreaks of rain for western and northern parts of Ireland and Scotland, and over Wales and northwest England. Further south and east it will be a generally dry day. Rain will turn heavy over western and then central Scotland in the afternoon. Some very light rain will push south later in the afternoon. Temperature will rise up to around 12C in north and 19C in south.

Issued: 19:17hrs Friday 12th April 2024

John : Cloudy for the evening and overnight across western Scotland as an area of rain moves from Atlantic into and across Scotland overnight temperatures 8 to 10C. For England and Wales some evening sunshine with a dry mainly clear night to follow though some patchy cloud may occur during the night 8 to 10C.

Issued: 11:36hrs Friday 12th April 2024

John : Cloudy with rain persisting through the afternoon in western Scotland and extending for a time into northwest England as well as fringing north Wales and coastal N.Ireland 10 to 12C. Dry and mainly sunny though for eastern Scotland 14 to 16C. England and remainder of Wales dry with diffuse sunshine, due to high cloud cover through the afternoon 13C presently 15-16C during the afternoon, southeastern England briefly 18C. Dry with continuing sunshine through the evening, rain continuing for a time across Scotland

Issued: 06:59hrs Friday 12th April 2024

John : Windy and cloudy across Scotland with outbreaks of rain during the day. Rest of England and Wales dry throughout some sunshine though cloudy at times north and midlands, less cloud towards south, temperatures 10C Scotland, 18C in sunshine elsehwere