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UK Forecast - September 24, 2018
Staying dry south & east
Rain and wind north/north-west

High pressure centred over south-east England brings a fair day to much of the country. Plenty of sunshine for England & Wales, some fair-weather cloud. Cloud will thicken across Ireland and Scotland as fronts edge in from the Atlantic. Rain or drizzle developing from the west, becoming increasingly wet in the West Highlands by afternoon. A freshening southerly breeze in the west & north. Light winds in south. Highs 12 to 14C north, 15 to 18C south, warmest south-east.

Tuesday night
Rain continues to affect western Scotland, and spreads further south into Dumfries & Galloway, also Cumbria overnight. Some rain or drizzle may reach the Pennines and north Wales. Patchy rain for Ireland. Little if any rain reaching eastern Scotland. Blustery winds for northern Britain & Ireland. Staying dry for the Midlands, much of Wales, plus the south & east of England, with clear spells and some fog patches. Lows 6 to 9C south, but milder in the north at 10 to 12C.

High pressure lies to the south. A dry and warm day for the Midlands and the south, with best sunshine toward the east. Cloudy in the west & north, with fronts trailing across Scotland bringing some rain. Wettest for the West Highlands. Patchy rain for Northern Ireland, also Cumbria, but amounts small. A brisk westerly breeze for northern regions, gusty to the east of the Pennines and the Highlands. Lighter winds south. Highs 10 to 14C north, 18 to 22C south.

A weakening cold front slips southwards bringing occasional rain to Scotland, and northern England, possibly later north Wales, but amounts generally small. Showers follow across northern Scotland. Central and southern England & Wales will stay dry and fairly warm with sunny spells. A west to northwesterly breeze, strongest in northern regions. Temperatures ranging from 10C in north-west Scotland, up to 22C in south-east England.